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About M&M Eggs

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A freshly hatched company

Located on 50 acres in rural Upstate NY, M&M Eggs provides a whole flock of products for both the poultry farmer and consumer. After beginning as a small family hobby farm, we have provided fresh eating eggs, hatching eggs, straight-run chicks and started pullets throughout the local community in St. Lawrence County since 2014. Our birds are high-quality heritage and specialty breeds, including our personal project breeds that are National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified. All of our birds are given as much free range as possible, and we raise them completely cage free.

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Local products you can trust

We are an AI clean and MG free farm, and hand raise our birds humanely with daily outdoor access, then process at a USDA inspected facility to provide you farm to table options you can feel good about. Our meat turkeys and chickens are available to be cased, and you can purchase our eating eggs at our farm year round, and through the North Raquette Greenery and Whitten Farm Mobile Market in the summer.

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Owned and run by your neighbors

M&M Eggs is named after owners Matt & Michele, but also because each of our 12 different breeds provide us with a different, beautifully colored egg. Looking at a dozen of our fresh eating eggs is just like looking at a bowl of multicolored candies! While the majority of our business serves our North Country neighbors, we do seasonally and weather permitting mail hatching eggs. You can purchase a dozen at our farm, but also by our webpage and through our Facebook page. There is nothing more gratifying than watching our birds grow from chicks, and we can’t wait to help you grow your brood as well.